The Releasing Queens 
Is a group of women in the marketplace who come together frequently to equip each other in their talents and entrepreneurship. 

It started in the Netherlands in 2016 with a vision given by the founder Esmeralda Kambel for women in the marketplace. 

This inspiration came because of the book "Releasing Kings" by John Garfield for men in the marketplace.
Our main goal as Releasing Queens is that we help you explore and discover your destiny. We assist you to find the desires God has planted in your heart. 
What we believe?
We believe that God has planted a measure of entrepreneurship in everyone, especially in women. There’s a good wife, a good mother and a creative entrepreneur*in every woman. Our jobs or businesses are not only for ourselves; it is our hearts desire to serve in Gods Kingdom and help other women.

As Kings and Queens in the marketplace we have a place in the society. God has given us the personality, calling, task, gifts and talents to have an impact in this world.

* Proverbs 31:10-30
How Can We Help Release The Queen Inside Of You...

As Releasing Queens we organize events, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and network meetings. We meet and strengthen each other, we create opportunities for business, work together, and follow our passion. 

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How we do that?
We equip you  step by step with the tools, strategies, and mindset you need, so you can start fulfilling your calling in the marketplace. 

Mostly from the Holy Bible. We created an Academy and work together with trainers, entrepreneurs, national and international business networks. 
Their are different business books avaible that can help you in your path to become a succesvol business woman. 

A "Releasing Queen" :
- Does far more than she can imagine
- Has a changed mindset
- Takes actions
- Confidently lives her dreams being fulfilled both in life and work
- Helps the people that needs help
- Set other women free in entrepreneurship
Robert Kiyosaki says spend your money on assets, not on liabilities. Investing in yourself is investing in the greatest asset that you have. Become a Releasing Queens Member and start investing and training yourself today... 

As a member you will benefit from:
  • Private Community
  •  Premium Content
  •  Local Networking Events
  • Discounts on Trainings, Events & Masterclasses
  • A Ministry Team Ready To Pray For You 24/7
  •  And More...
Taking it one step further, keeping you one step ahead...

We acknowledge that behind every successful Female Entrepreneur there is the need for intercession and prayer. So we gladly provide the opportunity to intercede with.
One time in the month we come together and pray for the Releasing Queens and activities. For your daily prayer request just sent us an email and we will come back to you.
To help you, we organize different events and local meetings. So there is always something for you to attend and to promote your business.

Business meetings

On Oktober 7th 2017 we had our first biggest Woman In The Marketplace Conference, which according to our guests was a very big success. 
All together we had a lovely time. 

For an impression of our first conference watch the video.

Our third Kingdom Marketplace Conference 2018
Was on March 2018 In Eindhoven, The Netherlands!

Don't Miss Our Next Conference...

Kingdom Marketplace Conference 2018
October 2019 In Almere, The Netherlands!
Local Network Meetings

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During our conferences, events and meetings we try to incorporate various in-depth workshops. For more information check out the messages in our Facebook Group
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We have created our Academy to help you ROAR IN EXCELLENCE. Here we have bundled the best trainings of our trainers especially for you. If you'd like to know how to start your business with little or no money, check also the masterclasses we offer at our Academy!

Our best masterclasses:
-The elevator pitch
- How to present yourself
Some Of Our Trainers:

Cornelia Rutten

Born and raised in South Africa, moved to Israel and now living in The Netherlands. Cornelia founded Truth In Ruth and is Creative Director at Kenyotah Media & Marketing. It's her passion to empower women to discover and develop the unique gifts imparted in them.

Maria Lalik

Co-Founder and Lead Coach of Heartplan Europe, she has worked with CEO's and managers from Univeg, Orange, General Electric, Codility, and others. It's her passion to help you connect with your talents, values and core roles in your specific situation.

Esmeralda Kambel

As founder of Releasing Queens, Esmeralda loves to bridge the gap between the church and society. Further, she founded EBC Network and is CEO of Cyphrany Healthcare. She loves to empower and release women into the marketplace. "Change the world, start a business" she says.

John Garfield

Pastor, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and author of two books, "Releasing Kings" and "Desire to Destiny", John is considered a thought leader in the global "Business as Mission" movement. His passion is to release you into your life's purpose to impart positive values into the culture.

Joaozinho Alves

Born in Brazil, but grew up in Europe. Joao helped big brands like Sony, DHL, Tommy Hilfiger and Roberto Cavalli excel in what they do. His passion is to help you excel in your personal calling by giving you pragmatical strategies and showing you your personal potential.

Niels Rutten

As a business consultant, trainer/coach and entrepreneur Niels has helped  companies like ING, Geodis and DHL Healthcare excel. He is the founder and CEO of Kenyotah, and The Rock Trading. Niels loves to empower entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their businesses.

Jermaine Maaijen

Co-owner of Healthy By Choice and 
the owner of Maaijen Financial Support. He grew up with marketing and health in mind. He is a young and dynamic Entrepreneur on a mission to inspire and motivate you to mobilize your maximum potential, mentally, financially as well as physically. 

Are You able to make a positive impact?

Then YOU might be our next trainer.
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